Our Editor-in-Chief shares her tips and tricks for thrifting in-store without breaking a sweat or heading straight to the nearest Zara.


1_ Slow Down

I don’t recommend shopping for vintage, when you’re looking for something specific or in a hurry. Thrifting should be something you do when you have spare time, and ideally after you’ve made a few Pinterest boards with style inspiration.

2_ Speed Up

Some thrifters are of the 'leave no stone unturned' camp. These brave souls search every section (linens! lingerie!), but I am much more of the mindset of sticking to my favorite sections and moving quickly so I don’t get burnt out.

3_ Be fluid

Don’t confine yourself to womens only. 90% of what I find in thrift stores is in the mens section.

4_ Dress for success

Wear leggings and a slim top so you can easily slip things on in the aisles without dragging a bunch of clothes to the dressing room. Make sure to tidy up after yourself.

5_ Quality Control

Scan the racks with your eyes for quality fabrics and colors that appeal to you. When an item stands out to you, look at the details for indications of quality: check for brand names you recognize (or can google), seams should be tight without lots of loose threads, labels should have patina and ideally indicate natural fibers., button holes and hardware should be sturdy, etc.

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