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Denim Hacks for the Curvy Girl denim hacks for curves_ This week, we got together (virtually) with our friend Sammy to talk about finding the perfect vintage denim for curves. Lucky us, she broke down 5 shopping and styling hacks you’ll never forget. 1_ the size secret “When shopping vintage, or whether that’s pants, shirts, whatever, it’s a good reference …

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The Fisherman Sweater

11_24_20 / Vintage The Fisherman Sweater Knitted as knotted love letters with distinct patterns, these Irish creations were designed to protect seamen from harsh elements.  Here’s the story behind the hardest working sweater in your wardrobe.    TEXT_ CAROLINE PRIEBE Fisherman Sweater_ Celine_ 2010s With the rise of fast fashion much of the clothing produced …

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