Amarcord, a staple in New York’s fashion scene for over two decades, is the ultimate archival dreamland. The luxury-forward collection specializes in garments circa the Victorian era to the 2000s, covering a vast range of European designers [especially Italian] as well as select American and Japanese couturiers. 

Amarcord’s merchandising is always masterful; showcasing the unique modernity of archival fashion and the ways in which vintage stands-out amongst contemporary trends. The shop showcases iconic moments in fashion history and offers some of the best work by the world’s most impactful [and underrated] designers. From Alaïa and Courrèges to Patricia Von Musulin and Zandra Rhodes, Amarcord features a collection that is professionally edited and refined. In addition to the lovely shoppable garments and jaw-dropping accessories that the shop curates, Amarcord is also a fashion history archive; featuring an exclusive library with over 50,000 rare and unique pieces. For years, Amarcord’s NFS library has been a primary resource inspiring the creative industry’s top talent, ie: costume designers, filmmakers, stylists, and more. 


Style_ Desinger, Couture, Rare, Luxury, Avant Garde, Conceptual, Design, Mid Century

Pricepoint_ $$—$$$

Instagram_ @amarcordvintage

TikTok_ @amarcordvintage

X_ @amarcordvintage

Location_ 223 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211








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