Stacy Daily and Claire Lampert are the founders behind B Sides, New York’s sustainably designed ‘It’ girl denim brand. After leading individually successful careers in the fashion industry and co-owning the online vintage store Where I Was From, the pair developed a niche for sourcing great jeans. Their obsession eventually led them to Colorado, where a local cowboy toured them through industrial rag houses where Lampert and Daily sifted through massive palettes of old denim, sourcing the most perfectly imperfect pairs. They wanted denim that looked just as good as it felt — worn but structured, flattering yet free — and due to a lack of such quality available on the contemporary fashion market, B Sides was born.

The B Side of a record is where the experimental and idiosyncratic deep cuts live. In the same vein, B Sides jeans explores new ways to wear and make denim. The Lasso Jean, inspired by the American West, is made from two pairs of spliced vintage 501’s, the end result being a low-rised, slouchy, cool-girl cut. The Simone Skirt features an A-line mid-length silhouette composed of 1970s and 80s denim with classic marigold single needle tailoring. It’s no wonder why B Sides designs are a staple for celebrities and downtown trend-setters alike [think Mari Giuducelli, Beverly Nguyen, Sienna Miller, and Julianne Moore] to name a few. Each pair is uniquely special, the silhouettes are modern and flattering, and the denim is exceptional.

Style_ Denim, Classic, Upcycled

Pricepoint_ $$$

Instagram_ @b_sides_jeans

Location_ 445 Warren Street Hudson NY, 12534

Hours_ Saturdays 12-5, Weekdays by appointment: