Berriez, founded by Emma Zack in 2018, is dedicated to curating the coolest [and cheekiest] plus-size vintage and upcycled fashion out of Brooklyn, New York. Having grown up with limited contemporary plus-size clothing options that were exciting and vibrant, Zack turned to her grandmother’s closet, who would have been a modern day size 14. The clothes gave Zack a strong sense of self and allowed her confidence to shine through—thus, Zack’s thrifting career began. As her personal closet expanded, she took it upon herself to share her discoveries with the rest of the world, and Berriez was born. The shop offers an expertly curated vintage line for sizes S-4X [with a focus on sizes 12 and up] along with an insane collection of upcycled pieces made from recycled fibers and deadstock fabric.

Plus-size clothing wasn’t mass produced until the 1980s, so at Berriez, there’s an expansive selection of vintage from the 80s spanning all the way into the early 2000s. Most available vintage silhouettes only go up to a size 3X, which is why Zack collaborates with so many great sustainable designers for upcycling pieces and providing styles ranging from 1X to 5X. At Berriez, individuality is celebrated and self-expression is encouraged through the art of getting dressed. The impressive array of size-inclusive pieces that Zack has curated features elevated, playful, and sexy silhouettes; enforcing the idea that wonderful clothes are meant for every body.

Style_ Accessible, sustainable, inclusive, fun, one-of-a-kind

Pricepoint_ $$

Instagram_ @shopberriez

Location_ 544 Park Ave Suite 510 Brooklyn, NY

Hours_ By appointment only







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