Brynn Heminway


What’s inspiring your style this season_ I'm traveling to Sicily for work this May and plan to tack on a little holiday at the end. I’m dreaming of all the things I’d like to wear on the trip.

Go-to brands for vintage / pre-owned_ Giorgio Armani, The Row, Hermes, Jaquemus, Khaite, Levis

Favorite resale sources_ The RealReal, Etsy, LTrain Vintage thrift shops

On the hunt for_ fisherman sandals, lightweight midi skirts, NOS sunglasses, crossbody bag

When did you start shopping secondhand and why_ I grew up in Kansas where everyone had the same vanilla shopping options  (Gap, Banana Republic, and Abercrombie if you traveled 3 hours). I started shopping at local thrift stores in high school so I could look and feel more individual.

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