Carny Couture pays tribute to a lifestyle of evolving fashion born from travel, necessity and creative drive.

For years the founder, Brooke Ahana Bailey, has struggled with her quest for minimalism despite a true yearning for self-expression through decor, accessory or clothing. This taxing push and pull to cultivate a perfectly edited lifestyle versus the natural inclination to impulsively collect and procure beautiful encumbrances has preoccupied the greater part of Brooke's existence. At some point the struggle became so vexing it was time it earned its keep.

It is no surprise that the scope of Carny Couture is less about minimalism when the true nature of the founder is all about cultivating a wealth of beautiful finds for our valued clientele.

The natural devotee of Carny Couture is an amalgamation of minimalism and maximalism. They are seasoned travelers not afraid to accumulate a storied collection in which to feather their nest. They are self-assured purveyors of beauty, art and discretion. They appreciate pieces with patina and story, nothing too accessible or common for our discerning friends. They inspire us and mirror our own lifestyle. In Lak'ech Ala K'in.