Gabriella Meyers, the upcycling designer and CEO of DENIMCRATIC, is bringing new life to old blue jeans. DENIMCRATIC’s mission is to eliminate as much garment waste as possible by working with existing fibers [like vintage jeans and deadstock fabric.] Meyers uses these creative constraints to make bespoke denim uniforms with personality and flair. Her innovative designs convey the idea that denim can be made into so much more than just a pair of jeans [think bikinis, overcoats, corsets]. It’s no wonder why celebrities like Alicia Keys, Ciara, and Chance the Rapper [to name a few] flock to Meyers for their custom denim looks. 

Meyers initially began working with denim due to its historical significance in American history. Blue jeans became the standard workwear pant for blue-collar Americans in the early 1900s, gaining popularity across socio-economic lines in the 1930s, and reaching their cultural apex in the 60s and 70s. Meyers is particularly interested in the “democratization” of denim, the universality of its form and its diverse upcycling potential. DENIMCRATIC’s made-to-order clothing line features hand-made styles produced entirely in Los Angeles by a skilled team of pattern makers and tailors—this “slow fashion” model inherently allows for the reduction of garment waste. Meyers’ commitment to sustainability and creative craftsmanship is what makes her brand so special; for no two pieces are the same, just like the individuals who wear them. 

Style_ Luxury, Sustainable, Streetwear, Upcycled, Sustainable, Handmade, Custom, Made to order, One-of-a-kind

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