Erie Basin opened in 2006 and quickly became an international destination for its thoughtful and surprisingly modern selection of antique jewelry and furniture. The New York Times wrote that “arguably the most provocative design sensibility right now can be found in Red Hook [Brooklyn], at Erie Basin.” Owner Russell Whitmore has a background in art and a keen eye for special and well-designed vintage pieces, whether they are carved wooden trinkets or extremely rare gemstones. And with 18 years experience buying and selling antique jewelry, he’s developed a masterful knowledge of historical design and construction methods, antique jewelry restoration, and gemology.

Today Erie Basin remains largely a one-man show. Because of that customers are guaranteed only the best service. Russell personally answers emails, sits in the shop during open hours, takes all the photographs for the website, oversees restoration and repair work, packs up shipments, and does all of the buying.

In 2014 Erie Basin launched an in-house fine jewelry line called EB, designed by Russell Whitmore. Many of the pieces are built around antique gemstones that Whitmore collected. The designs are distinctly modern but frequently quote antique motifs. Some pieces are produced in multiples and others are one-of-a-kind. EB is made in New York.

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