Goodshop Badshop began in 2019 by vintage lover and photographer, Lilly Ball. As Founder and Creative Director, she carefully hand-selects each vintage piece, offering predominantly natural and sustainable fabrics (such as silk, cotton and linen). She also styles, photographs, packs, and everything else in between for the shop. She’s proud to use 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging.

A recent report created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that we landfill or burn “the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles” every second. Additionally, fast fashion releases half a million tons of microfibers (or more than 50 billion plastic bottles) into our oceans every year. Our mission is to help preserve the earth through sustainability and recycling via slow fashion.

As part of this mission, the website's upcoming multimedia platform will spotlight the most inspiring figures in sustainable business, the arts, music, film and literature, who are creating positive shifts in perspective. She is also producing an exclusive, timeless in-house line using recycled fabrics; adding gorgeous Mid-Century modern goods to the shop; and will soon be collaborating with like-minded, women-run small businesses in Saint Paul, MN.

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