At Mercy Vintage, we love clothes and we love style, but we do not subscribe to one particular look and we do not follow what is fashionable. We cannot choose one decade, one designer or one anything because we like to mix it all together and we believe this is what creates great style.

It's not fast fashion, it's not driven by editors, it is that indescribable feeling when you mix things up and rock it! Our brick and mortar and Instagram are a reflection of us; what we wear everyday. We love the outrageous, we love the simplistic and we love quality.

What started as a way for us to upgrade our personal wardrobes has blossomed into a larger understanding that recycling clothes has an important impact on the planet. We believe that everyone should buy quality, buy less and invest in pieces that are not destined for landfills-which we believe that much of fast fashion is destined for. We personally wear second hand, local designer/artist, sustainable clothing and hope to encourage others to do the same. We also encourage crazy experimentation in the name of individual style and truly love to match people to the perfect piece!

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