Na Nin Vintage was founded in 2009 by Kate Jennings in Richmond, Virginia. In English, "na-nin" sounds phonetically similar to the phrase meaning “I am” in Korean. The shop’s name was originally inspired by a trip Jennings took to the country—where one of the first sentences she learned from a friend was, “I am happy because I am with you.” Na Nin’s online vintage collection thus began as a celebration of Jennings’ love for nostalgia and friendship, foundations which hold true to the shop’s ethos today. 

Na Nin is timeless and modern—the curation speaks to elevated minimalism and quality products that can be worn over and over again as one’s daily uniform. Jennings specializes in finding perfect oversized men’s button-downs that can be styled tucked into a great pair of trousers or draped over denim. Her curation also features wool and linen blazers, chunky brass buckled belts, cropped knits, and billowy blouses. Each piece is made from natural fibers and materials, guaranteed to stand the test of time. Na Nin’s expert styling showcases the wearability of each garment and their relationship to the body, presenting a collection that’s lively and movement focused. Na Nin’s Instagram account also acts as a wonderful resource for creative inspiration. The classics never go out of style and Na Nin is here to supply us with all the vintage staples.

Style_ Classic, Timeless, Elevated, Luxury

Pricepoint_ $$—$$$

Instagram_ @naninvintage

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