The worlds of vintage and upcycling collide with Natalie Brown’s luxury streetwear brand, NMB New York. Every piece tells a unique story, meticulously crafted from vintage collector’s tees [iconic band and racing merch] that Brown sources herself from across the country. 

Originally from Peachtree City, Georgia, Brown attended private school growing up and was constantly being reprimanded for breaking the uniform rules. But self-expression by way of dressing always came naturally to Brown—which is exactly what drew her into streetwear style upon moving to New York. Paying attention to what others are wearing while riding the subway or walking down city blocks is a constant source of inspiration for Brown. Her brand was developed after she completed a Sustainable Design thesis from the Parsons School of Design in 2020. Due to the global pandemic, New York's fabric stores were closed and Brown had to make-do with what she had on hand—which is how vintage tees became her muse. 

The unisex reversible puffer jacket was Brown's first original design; each panel expertly collaged and sustainably sourced, resulting in a one-of-one style that’s both effortlessly cool and kind to the planet. Brown has since gone on to make many more upcycled styles such as the bustier and puffer crop vest, each perfectly toeing the line between sexy and street. The exclusivity that NMB New York products evoke due to their singular nature is precisely why celebrities and influencers [think Evan Mock, Amanza Smith, Ashley Benson] are often seen wearing Brown’s designs. No two pieces are the same, just like the individuals who wear them. 

“Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” is Brown’s motto that she claims wholeheartedly. She wants every NMB New York customer to feel comfortable and confident in what they’re wearing—knowing that they’re playing a small part in reducing garment waste by shopping from a sustainable designer. 

Style_ Luxury, Sustainable, Streetwear, Upcycled, Comfort, Quality, One-of-a-kind

Pricepoint_ $$$

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