Designer Natalie Brown founded her sustainable luxury streetwear brand "NMB New York" in October 2020. The brand is based on her thesis collection from Parsons School of Design, where she graduated in 2020 with honors in Fashion Design following an undergraduate degree in North Carolina. The Peachtree City, Georgia native now calls New York home.

Natalie started her brand with an aim to create sustainable clothing that also allowed people to embrace their individuality, and feel empowered by what they wear; look good, feel good, and do good. She wanted to create ethical clothing that was high quality and eye catching yet, at the same time, very comfortable. 

NMB New York is a luxury sustainable streetwear brand based on upcycling, meaning that we purchase rare high quality vintage clothing from vendors across America, deconstruct them, then use them as fabric to create one of a kind NMB original clothing. No NMB upcycled piece of clothing looks the same, each is an original, giving every customer their own curated look. NMB aims to rebrand the idea of upcycling, giving it an edge and luxury feel, whilst making strides toward a fashionably cleaner world and a healthier environment. 

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