Rentrayage, founded by Erin Beatty, designs sustainable clothing made to last. Inspired by the craft of Louise Bourgeois, the late French-American artist whose practice followed the ethos: “I do, I un-do, I re-do.” In the same vein, Rentrayage, [French for “Make whole again”] uses thrifted clothes, vintage fabrics, found materials, and deadstock to make its collections—creating new ideas with old materials. 

After a successful career in the fashion industry, Beatty noticed the necessity for more sustainable consumer options that were luxury-level and thoughtfully sourced. Rentrayage was born under Beatty’s creative constraints to use only recycled materials and eco-friendly production practices. The result is a contemporary in-house made-to-order line of exceptional goods that are 100% sustainable. The Rentrayage clothing line features styles like the Fifi Skirt, whose pleats are made from vintage trench coats, the Camille Wrap Top composed of two cut-up men’s button downs, or the Doilies Tee which features an intricate collage of reclaimed lace doilies. Every style is one-of-a-kind and can be made in a range of sizes. At its core, the Rentrayage collection is radical; Beatty’s designs challenge old ways of thinking about regenerative materials and bring new meaning to the definition of true sustainable living.

STyle_ Upcycled, Denim, one-of-a-kind, limited edition, casual, pulled together but not too dressy

Pricepoint_ $$$

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