Specializing in Victorian and 1970s fine jewelry, founder Samantha Knight, blends classic heirlooms with contemporary looks. Founded almost a decade ago, SAMANTHA KNIGHT, fine jewelry collection has been crafting personalized everyday luxurious jewelry and curating vintage and antique pieces to be worn together.

For SK, more is more, stacking and layering new pieces with older, well-loved antiques and vintages is an innate feature of her brand. This practice not only brings life to hidden gems but allows you to personalize your own unique taste and authentically represent yourself with one-of-kind collector’s finds.

At SAMANTHA KNIGHT fine jewelry pieces should be worn every day, for every occasion, and for no reason! From LA to NY, Samantha took notes on life in the city and started SAMANTHA KNIGHT to embrace livable luxury! SK DESIGNS are etched with the artistic imaginations of her children and handmade locally by the LA jeweler community. SK CURATED are developed from years of design training and overseeing quality - breathing new life to lost vintage and antique fine jewelry.

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