Based in Los Angeles, Spanish Moss is a boutique specializing in relevant and progressive vintage & designer selections from Victorian to Contemporary.

Suzanne Ford Carafano is the owner, stylist and designer behind Spanish Moss Vintage. Raised by free spirited vintage and antique loving parents, Suzanne grew up traveling on numerous two month road trips cross country with her mother, grandmother and brother collecting artifacts, exploring ghost towns and learning about her nation’s history up close. A former stylist, freelance fashion writer (and a whole host of random occupations you wouldn’t believe) Suzanne decided to leave the world of routine jobs and pursue her true love, life on the road and fiction writing. Collecting rare vintage pieces from Ann Arbor to Albuquerque, Spanish Moss’s inception began as a traveling business that allowed Suzanne to indulge in her wanderlust by avoiding commitment in one location and the ability to spend time meeting those inspiring Americans who live in the swamps of Florida or in the truck stops of Omaha.

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