15_ The Straw Bag


vintage straw bag_  stylist's archive

A carry-all for the warmer months, from day to night, city to market, beach to bar, The Straw Bag has gone from a practical, multi-purpose basket designed for utility in ancient times to an essential accessory for the Spring and Summer months. 

I look to the 1970s for oversized straw bags for the market or picnics, straw bucket bags à la  Jane Birkin, or I find more slouchy bohemian sling bag styles from the 1990s. 

Brands to look for_ Straw bags are less about brands than looking for handmade, interesting weaves and unique designs.

Key decades_ 1970s and 1990s. Also 1950s for more retro shapes and wicker. 

Fabrics_ Straw, cotton, raffia, paper, hemp, jute, rattan, sisal. 

Colors_ Natural colors of the material. 

Style notes_ Straw bags can come in all shapes and sizes so find something that you can wear  everyday in the warmer months.

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