Black Owned Vintage

Stylist Sydney Rose Thomas selects 5 Black-Owned Vintage shops making waves on Depop. Display Copy catches up with them all to discuss the vintage life, shopping tips, and the Black Owned shops that inspire them most.


STYLING_ Sydney Rose Thomas

Hair_ Mideyah Parker 

Makeup_ Miguel Ramos

Models_ Tay / HAWA / SERGULEN

Casting_ Liz Goldson




Black Top_ @DANI__E / Newsprint Shorts_ @ThruTheAges

Cityscape Sleeveless Tank _ @JuiceRack / Leather Pants_ Stylist's Own



@JUICERACK Funky, eccentric, retro.


@DANI__E Modern, sustainable, unintimidating.

@THRUTHEAGES Nostalgic, retro, eclectic.

@MIGHTYTHRIFT Universal, authentic, Y2K.

@JUICERACK 1990s street style, specifically in Japan. People on the street, whether they were intentionally trying to be fashionable or not. My friends and internet mutuals, being that I spend most of my time indoors nowadays. 

@GETSOMEGREENS Literally everywhere. Movies, soda cans, the 70s, the 90s, old-school cars, and even food. Black people inspire me in every single way. I’m like “Wow, so damn magical!”

@DANI__E Lately, I’ve been very inspired by my native Jamaican culture. Upcycling and repurposing have always been a big part of my lifestyle and culture growing up and still are today.

@THRUTHEAGES I love looking at old fashion magazines for styling inspiration. I also enjoy watching movies; The Craft and The Love Witch are a couple of my go-to favorites for fashion inspo.

@MIGHTYTHRIFT I think back often to when I was a little girl in the early 2000s. Black Movies and TV shows from that time (Sister Sister, Moesha, Girlfriends, The Parkers), old Delia’s magazines. 

@JUICERACK A Gaultier koi fish wrap top I snatched at Goodwill for $7! I will never forget the sense of dopamine that hit me when I stumbled upon it.

@GETSOMEGREENS A pair of leather chaps I call “Theee Ass Chaps”, I feel like they’re iconic. I can’t let go of them. I will not sell them for anything.

@DANI__E A pair of sporty Miu Miu heels from the ‘90s. I purchased them for $100 but they retail for $600. They’ll be a staple piece in my closet forever! 

@THRUTHEAGES A pair of late 60s tapestry bell bottoms. They remind me of something The Beatles would have worn. I’m in love with them.

@MIGHTYTHRIFT I don’t know how, but I found a bomber jacket from Michael Jackson’s 1988 “Bad Tour”. After some research, I found that everyone on the tour got a jacket with their name embroidered inside. My jacket says “Brian Ruder”. I’m convinced this jacket is going to pay for my first house one day. 

@JUICERACK Go on weekdays, right when they open. Have patience. Don’t restrict yourself to a specific gender or age range. I’ve found plenty of adult clothing misplaced in the kids section or clothes labeled as “women’s” in the mens! Stores that are near senior homes are usually good since there’s a high chance the majority of their closets are vintage!

@GETSOMEGREENS For these times?… sanitize while looking and sanitize after and rewash the clothes you take home!

@DANI__E Think long-term when you buy. Not only does this apply to how long it will serve a purpose in your closet but also how the value of that item will change over time as well. 

@THRUTHEAGES Look in every section! Some of my faves are the men’s sweaters & outerwear; I’ve found several grails in these sections.

Make sure to look items over for any rips, stains, missing buttons, etc. so you won’t be surprised when you get home. 

@MIGHTYTHRIFT TRY EVERYTHING ON! Go in on a not so crowded day, wear headphones and listen to a great playlist or audiobook. Check every section. I’m talking: kids, lingerie, men, home goods, linens. EVERYTHING. A successful thrift trip (in my experience) is one that isn’t rushed. 

@JUICERACK Ahh I couldn’t pick one but a few that I love are @supermodelbysza @chichispree @earthangelthrift on depop!

@GETSOMEGREENS Whenever I’m in Houston I go to Imperial Houston!! 

@DANI__E Sunday Afternoon. They’re a great source for secondhand finds and always display their clothing in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re buying used. 

@THRUTHEAGES Juice Rack! She’s always posting really amazing, hard to find gems and her creativity is insane.

@MIGHTYTHRIFT Kuration Collective! She is so inspiring and she puts so much effort into her shop! I hope to have a shop as successful as hers in the future.