The step by step guide to caring for your jeans.

Machine wash and dry as infrequently as possible to increase the lifespan of your denim, reduce water usage and minimize energy use/carbon impact

Extend the time between washes by spot cleaning. Use a washcloth or toothbrush with a mild bar soap or a small amount of non-chlorine detergent.

When machine washing, wash on cold. This is especially true for denim with stretch (elastane, spandex, lycra) because heat breaks down elastane.

Wash with a mild non-chlorine based detergent. There are brand like The Laundress, that sell denim specific washing solutions which both gently clean and soften your denim.

Wash your garment inside out if you want to preserve the color longer.

Dry on a drying rack vs. the dryer to prevent shrinking and fiber break down while preserving color.

If you get a hole in your denim patching and Sashiko mending are beautiful ways to preserve your denim garment.