denim hacks for curves_

This week, we got together (virtually) with our friend Sammy to talk about finding the perfect vintage denim for curves. Lucky us, she broke down 5 shopping and styling hacks you'll never forget.

"When shopping vintage, or whether that's pants, shirts, whatever, it's a good reference to know that the sizes were much different than they are today.  A size 12 in the 80s is a size 16 now so when I'm shopping I usually wear a size 12 in today's clothes but when I'm shopping vintage I go for size 16 or 14."

"One of my biggest struggles is finding jeans that are the perfect length without really going to the fitting room and trying on a bunch of pairs. So an easy way to tell the best length is by taking both ends of the jeans — both legs in both hands — and stretch your arms all the way out. If your arms stretch all the way out then those jeans are going to be the perfect fit for you and the perfect length."

"My go-to jeans are always high-waisted. It doesn't matter if you're bloated, havin' a good day, havin' a bad day, it's always a high-waisted day. You can dress 'em up, dress 'em down; I throw on sneakers, I throw on heels, they just always look good! A good rule of thumb is to bring your handy measuring tape with you and you're going to measure from the top of the button, to the crotch.Any jean, no matter what the size is, if it's 11 inches from the button to the crotch, it's going to be high-waisted!"

"A big problem I come across with high-waisted jeans,  especially if you're a curvy girl, is that the zipper pops open. You're going to take a keyring  and you're going to put it onto your zipper. You're going to zip up, put it around the button first, and then you're going to button up your pants! Not only will your zipper stay up, you'll also have somewhere to keep your keys!"

"On top of having a million pairs of vintage jeans, I probably have even more vintage t-shirts. My go-to look, like everyday, is a comfy t-shirt, high-waisted jeans, and a pair or sneaks."

"To dress up my high-waisted jeans I usually grab a blazer, a comfy basic underneath, a cute bag and some heels."