The Expertly Curated Vintage Gift Guide

There is no question, the Holiday giving season leaves a carbon footprint. But small shifts in your giving routine can make a difference, and we’re here to celebrate a more earth friendly season. This year, DISPLAY COPY presents the first annual Expertly Curated Vintage gift guide designed to cover off on your entire list. And we’ll give you tips to ensure that everything from your shipping to your wrapping is green.

They tap their own maple trees for syrup, build the coziest fires and raise Alpaca. You love them as much for living off the land as you do for their great hugs. Here are some gifts for the one who moved upstate.

Don’t waste another moment hunting around for the loved one who sets the standard for cool. We’ve got your back with our list of the most coveted items any styleophile will love.

Heirloom worthy items that ignite imagine and play for the young spirits in your life. 

When you offer this loved one a bed to rest their head, they pitch a tent in the backyard. In the morning, they will only enter the home once they have foraged enough berries to make a batch of pancakes. Here are some ideas for the one who loves the great outdoors.

Is your loved one confused about the days of the week? Perhaps they are wearing their day clothes to bed, their pajamas to work, or their workwear on the weekends. Look no further than this selection of dramatic loungewear to mark a moment in time… even if nothing new ever happens.


Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. For your loved one who hugs trees and tracks dirt in the house, we’re here to help them stay green.