It Was My Mom's

Mothers give us so much: life, love, and, if you’re Lilli Millhiser, a handful of vintage Armani.

Photographer_ Clement Pascal 
Stylist_ Lilli Millhiser 
Hair_ Clara Leonard 
Make Up_ Shayna Goldberg 
Model_ Hannah Locsin / Supreme Management 
Text_ Lilli Millhiser 

text_ lilli millhiser

Some of my favorite articles of clothing are pieces that were once my Mom’s. She has consistently given me incredible pieces over the years (deliberately or otherwise) Pictured here are some highlights from my inherited collection. Some are items I have worn over and over and over, others I’ve never worn but always appreciated. The 1940s polka dot dress, Emporio Armani navy linen mini dress, and Emporio Armani black double breasted blazer are cherished pieces in my closet - the kind of items that always look and feel amazing as soon as I put them on. I wish I had five more of the Armani mini…I should get copies made.   

As a little girl, I remember the Norma Kamali strapless peplum dress hanging in my mom’s closet in our old apartment. I would fantasize about wearing it when I was “older.” I have yet to wear it (it never quite fit right) but since giving birth in September, my body has shifted and it now fits perfectly. The floral blouse (my mom made that from a YSL pattern) is another piece I’ve never worn…but I think I’ll wear tomorrow. Apparently there is a box full of blouses made from that pattern in liberty fabrics (I have already requested them!). My mother made most of her clothes. Finally, the pearls that are worn throughout belonged to my paternal grandmother, Sissa. Sissa recieved the pearls when she was sixteen and gave them to me when I was the same age. I look forward to passing them along when the time comes. 

Hannah Wears_ Vintage Polka Dot dress_ 1940s_ 

hannah wears_ black velvet dress_ Yves Saint Laurent_ 1970s

hannah wears_ black strapless peplum dress_ Norma Kamali_ 1980s

hannah wears_ black jacket_ Chanel / tshirt_ vintage_ 1980s / black skirt_ chanel

hannah wears_ black double breasted suit_ Emporio Armani_ Late 1980s/Early 1990s / blouse_ gucci

hannah wears_ handmade cotton floral blouse_ ysl pattern_ 1970s

hannah wears_ black dress_ gucci_ 1980s

hannah wears_ black dress_ gucci_ 1980s

hannah wears_ black jacket_ chanel

hannah wears_ navy linen mini dress_ Emporio Armani_ late 1970s / early 1980s

hannah wears_ knit vest_ Emporio Armani_ 1970s / tshirt_ Paul Simon / black wrap skirt_ Sonia Rykiel_ 1970s