It's A Wrap

Let’s face it, this year will be different. We’re taking the extra time at home to plan ahead and wrap our loved ones gifts with recycled and vintage materials. Here, the Display Copy team shares some creative ideas that are both festive and green.

1_ It's A WRap

Inspired by Japanese Furoshiki — and an amazing gift in and of itself — a vintage scarf or handkerchief is the perfect earth-friendly way to wrap your gifts. Choose scarves that can double as face masks and coordinate with the color pallet of your gift. Fasten the scarf by tying the ends together in a knot. Et voilà! 

2_ Brown Bag It

Like us, do you forget your grocery tote at home from time to time and have a few brown bags laying around? We love the color and texture of craft under the tree. Tie your parcel with a vintage ribbon for a pop of color. Vintage postcards, or those artist postcards you picked up at the museum and never used, work beautifully in place of gift tags.

3_ Good News

An oldy but goody, using newspaper to wrap your gifts is an obvious go-to. We like to use the culture, style and food section for wrapping and save business and politics for the fireplace. Tie with contrasting vintage ribbon and a sprig of greenery. Or if it's a cookbook, make it a bouquet garni!

4_ Think Inside the Box

Old cigar boxes or hat boxes are a simple and beautiful way to reduce waste and are bound to be kept or re-gifted. Search for holiday friendly motifs and colors (birds, leaves, etc). A really special gift might warrant the wooden kind but you can find the paper version for under $10.