KIMBERLY KLOSTERMAN is a Cincinnati based fine jewelry dealer and collector who specializes in designer jewels from the 1960’s and 70’s. Her personal collection features works by Gilbert Albert, Andrew Grima, Arthur King, Jean Mahie, Jean Vendome.


1_Most jewelry can easily be cleaned by a solution of mild soapy water and a toothbrush. But make sure to do this over a bowl and not the sink in case any stones become loose or fall out.

2_Pearls can also be cleaned with a mild soapy solution with a very soft brush. Attend to each pearl individually so you don't get the string soaked. Pearls can scratch so take care here. Let air dry completely before storing in a soft bag or box. Do not store in plastic.

3_Do not store gold jewelry with sterling. Over a period of time it could cause the gold to oxidize.

4_Always, always apply jewelry last, after perfume and hair product.

5_It's good to have a professional jeweler examine fine jewelry with diamonds or precious stones to make sure the settings are secure.

6_If you are having a ring re-sized, be sure the jeweler notices if there is a makers mark and where the mark is so they can preserve it.

7_ If you have a piece professionally cleaned, make sure they do not polish the piece and ruin the patina. The patina is the mello color that is acquired with age, an aggressive polish could make the piece appear new and garish. The exception would be if the piece has a highly polished smooth surface.


Meredith Kahn is a California based jewelry designer who began her practice reworking vintage jewelry with stones, skulls and found objects sourced from New York City flea markets.


 1_ Always store your jewelry inside of a pouch or a box. This will decrease the amount of oxygen that your piece of Jewelry is exposed to, and will reduce the oxidation that can occur over time.

2_ Be thoughtful about how and when you wear your jewelry. I don't recommend wearing jewelry of any kind during intense physical activity or work outs. The sweat, oils and impact can damage the metals and stones in your jewelry. 

3_ Water or not to water? I try to always remove most of my jewelry while I bathe. The soaps and perfumes used in your products, along with the water, will leave a film on your Jewelry and can also leave a residue inside the tiny crevices between your stone settings.  

4_ Invest in a small ultrasonic machine to clean your jewelry. You can put most of your jewelry, including Gold, Silver, Gold-Filled, Brass and any stones other than Pearls, inside of them and within a few minutes, all of the dirt, oil and residue gets removed, and brings back the shine that you may have lost due to wear.   


BLISS LAU'S distinctive jewelry designs are recognized across the fashion industry and have been worn by Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Natasha Lyonne, Rebecca Hall, Zoe Kravitz, Tessa Thompson, Christina Ricci and many others. Lau also has the distinction of being the first jewelry brand to be a part of the United Nations Conscious Fashion Network.


1_ Be present when in motion. Just know your jewelry is on your body, respect and love your jewelry while you wear it and it will last you a lifetime. 

2_ Fine jewelry is like any luxury item that endures daily use, it needs a mechanic! Every few years bring your jewelry in to be checked out by a professional to see if any little prongs need tightening or antique pieces could use metal added to them.  

3_ I don’t suggest getting jewelry 'professionally polished' -doing so makes it look new but subtracts metal and therefore strength- always better to love and accept the beauty in a piece. A professional cleaning with steam however I do suggest whenever it is convenient for you!

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