Suited for Success

In the heart of Stockholm, under the creative helm of designer Ellen Hodakova Larsson, Hodakova stands as a beacon of innovation. Renowned for its one-of-a-kind utilitarian flair, the brand artfully breathes life into forgotten menswear, expertly fashioning them into garments that carve out the very essence of its distinctive identity.



Suited for Success

Featured Designer_ Ellen Hodakova Larsson, Hodakova

Where are you based_ Stockholm Sweden

Age_ 29

Where did you study_ The swedish school of textiles

What year did you graduate_ 2019

When did you first start employing the process of upcycling in your work_
It's been part of my expression since I was a kid, using what you can find and transform it to something precious. 

What inspired you to start upcycling discarded materials_

The lack of money to buy expensive fabrics, and the curiousness of transformation that brings the philosophical idea of context and structure into the game. 

What materials do you use in your work_
Mainly men's garments such as suits, shirts, t-shirts and jeans

Where do you find your materials_  
I have partnerships with companies that provide me with second hand or deadstock items.

How does the process of upcycling inform your work_
It drives me to look at the previous craftsmanship and use the lines to find new structure. 

What role does the process of upcycling play in the fashion industry today?
What about in the future? How do you see the craft evolving_
In line with evolving customer behavior, sustainable business models will have a bigger place in the market and the highlights on the handicraft of design will become the focus instead of fast fashion.

What is the role of the designer in these times_

The ability to not only be a handicraft designer but also a strong entrepreneur who needs to understand the market and the needed resources. 

If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be_

If all fashion brands would produce locally, it would be such a different market.

What advice would you give other young designers_

Know not only your own field and let your idea drive you, don't give up, trust your gut and most importantly, be kind and have fun!

What’s up next for you_

Releasing my next collection in Paris, on the 30th of September!!!!

Ellen Hodakova Larsson is a Swedish designer who lives and works in Stockholm. / @hoda_kova

“Using what you can and adapting what you find into something precious has been a part of my expression since I was a kid. Curiosity about transformation, developing new structures, and lack of money to buy expensive fabrics inspired me to start upcycling.” —Ellen Hodakova Larsson, Hodakova

Suited for Success

MODEL_ abby blaine 




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