vintage essential tan straw bag with brown leather handles on a white background

Photography_ Jon Ervin

Styling_ Gabrielle Marceca

Text_ Hanna Canham

A carry-all for the warmer months, from day to night, city to market, beach to bar, The Straw Bag has gone from a practical, multi-purpose basket designed for utility in ancient times to an essential accessory for the Spring and Summer months. 

Look to the 1970s for oversized straw bags for the market or picnics, straw bucket bags à la Jane Birkin, or find more slouchy bohemian sling bag styles from the 1990s. 

Brands to look for: Straw bags are less about brands than looking for handmade, interesting weaves and unique designs.

Key decades: 1970s and 1990s. Also 1950s for more retro shapes and wicker. 

Fabrics: Straw, cotton, raffia, paper, hemp, jute, rattan, sisal. 

Colors: Natural colors of the material. 

Style notes: Straw bags can come in all shapes and sizes so find something that you can wear  everyday in the warmer months.