vintage essential brown and black stripped long sleeve shirt on a white background

Photography_ Jon Ervin

Styling_ Gabrielle Marceca

Text_ Hanna Canham

Originally designed as a uniform for the French navy in the 1850’s, but later made iconic when worn on seaside holidays by the likes of Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot and Pablo Picasso, a Stripe Top, Marinière or Breton shirt as it’s commonly known, with it’s classic blue and white horizontal stripes is an essential for seafarers and city slickers today. 

For a comfy cotton top with long sleeves and a round or boat neck we look to the classic brands, Saint James and Armor Lux, usually from the 1960s. For a modern, boxy interpretation look to the 1980s, or for more modern 1990s versions go for short sleeves, sleeveless or even JPG mesh.

Brands to look for: Armor Lux, Brooks Brothers, Captain Corsaire, Chanel, Comme des Garcons, Gap, L.L Bean, Ralph Lauren, Saint James, United Colors of Benetton.

Key decades: 1920s, 1960s, 1980s & 1990s. 

Fabrics: Cotton. I love the heavier weight ones so look for close up photos of fabric.  

Colors: Blue and white stripes are the classic. 

Style notes: Best paired with a seaside holiday.

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